Discover How to Build a Course or Membership that Actually Sells

So you can reach more people in less time!


You are a busy biz owner who knows that you are limited in your capacity but you want to impact more people. The way to grow and scale is through creating an online course or membership!

you want to build this yourself

but you're new to digital programs and marketing
and you need to understand the entire process because there is more to creating a course or membership than creating a course or membership!


Unfortunately most people make the fatal flaw of concentrating on what they are going to deliver inside their course or membership first.

This is a recipe for disaster.


When you focus first and foremost on content you'll end up wasting months of time and energy creating a course or membership that won't sell. Then you'll become frustrated because you aren't helping people achieve the results they want. And because you don't understand the proven process and underlying KEY to building a course or membership that sells

you'll wonder if you should just give up.


Don't make this critical mistake!


There's a better way!

What if you...

  • Had clarity¬†because you knew the winning formula to build your course or membership.
  • Had confidence because you understood the one thing that will make everything else easier.
  • Knew how to prepare your people and get them ready to say, "YES" to your offer.
  • Were able to accomplish your goal of expanding your impact and helping more people achieve want they want.
  • Had support from a strategist to help you.

You CAN change MORE lives by building an incredible digital program that will amaze your members and students!


Beyond the Content

Your Comprehensive Guide to Building an Online Course or Membership that Sells

Here's What You'll Learn:

  • The process of what it takes to get your course or membership out into the world.
  • The critical mistake to avoid and what to do instead.
  • The pros and cons of courses and memberships and which might be the best for you.
  • How to craft a compelling sales page.
  • Important considerations to help you price your offer.
  • How to help your members and students get started and stay engaged.
  • The essentials of a launch plan and how to create your own.
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You'll not only have access to the video course but you'll also get some great tools to help you.

  • Digital guides to help you create your own sales page, launch plan, post launch review and onboarding sequence.
  • A behind the scenes tour of Kajabi and all it can do you for you and your business.
  • 30 day free trial with Kajabi along with one - 60 minute strategy session to get you all set up and ready to go!
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