3 Reasons Why Your Mindset Matters

Your frame of mind means everything.

Many of us thoughtfully consider specific strategies that we will implement on the road to healthy balance and boundaries, and while getting clear on what you'll do is important, you set yourself up for failure if you do not get your mind right.  Have you decided what you believe as you go on this adventure? Do you understand what lies you allow to sabotage your efforts? These are important questions to ask yourself before you go any further because your mindset matters. Here are three reasons why you want to get your mind right.

It will define the outcome.  Your mindset determines whether or not you will make progress and succeed. Your biggest obstacle isn't your schedule, your season of life or the demands placed on you by your ministry endeavors. The barrier you face is...you. What you believe in your mind is the single, greatest variable that will influence the outcome. If you don't think you'll ever really have a sustainable pace to ministry, if you believe that it's not possible, or if you think that it is wrong to try and find a healthy rhythm, then guess what? It will never happen. If you implement strategy after strategy but think in the back of your mind that it will never work you are wasting time and your time is already a precious commodity. Your attitude is everything. 

It will inform your decisions.  You do things based on what you believe. If you want to leverage the power of the desires God has put in your heart, your mindset needs to align with what He has been stirring in you. Where your mind goes, your habits will follow. Your beliefs will impact your decisions to either propel you forward or push you back.  

It will create and augment your feelings. Feelings are funny things. You can feel something (like you are in danger or you are not loved) and it not be true. On the other hand, your feelings can be the secret sauce to transformation and lasting change. Either way, feelings fuel your habits. If you feel guilty or shameful that you are pursing healthy balance and boundaries, you will give up. Your frame of mind taps into your emotions and when your mind is healthy it becomes the key to fuel your strategies and help you make progress.

The battle for balance and boundaries is won on the battlefield of the mind. What lies have you been believing that are keeping you from making progress? What truths do you need to focus on as you forge ahead? Change your mindset and see just how far it will take you.


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