7 Reasons You Need a Launch Plan for Your Online Course or Membership

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Do you have a launch plan for your online course of membership? Most entrepreneurs don't. They simply put their offer out into the world and then wonder why no one is joining or buying. Maybe you have experienced that same frustration.

In this episode of the podcast, I am going to share with you my definition of a launch plan and 7 reasons why I believe you need one. 

7 Reasons You Need a Launch Plan for Your Online Course or Membership

  1. Helps you build excitement and anticipation for what you are about to offer
  2. Defines your timeline
  3. Determines how you'll launch your offer into the world
  4. Helps you hone in on your messaging and content marketing
  5. Helps you make sure you are utilizing all of your platforms for continuity and consistency
  6. Helps you say organized
  7. Helps you improve your process

BONUS TIP: Having a launch plan will help you delegate to your team.


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