Don't Make it Perfect

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Do you get stuck because you want things to be perfect with your online course or membership?


That's understandable because we want to create valuable content and serve people well. The problem is that we aim for perfection and honestly, there is no such thing as the perfect course or the membership because that is all in the eyes of the beholder. 


Things need to be good enough. That is what Seth Godin shared on a recent episode of The Authority of Business podcast. He went on to say that if you spend more time trying to make things better than good enough, then you've actually wasted your time because the definition of good enough is that it in fact good enough.


In this episode of the podcast, My Entrepreneurial Life, we explore the concept of "good enough" and how it can help us make progress as we create our online courses and memberships.


Podcast Mentioned

The Authority of Business with Jonathan Stark and Rochelle Moulton, Episode 285 with Seth Godin


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