Key Lessons Learned From Women in Ministry: EPISODE 100

Let's celebrate!

This is episode 100 of the Women in Ministry United Podcast!

From the launch in March 2019, the journey has been filled with twists and turns. If you've been with me for a lengthy period of time, you know that this began as the Giving Up Normal Podcast where we focused on giving up the normal things that are hurting your soul so that you could live as the person God created you to be. 


While that heartbeat continues, God's call for my leadership got more specific and as my ministry focused on helping women in ministry break free from the cycles of busyness and overwhelm and create healthy rhythms and boundaries...the name of the podcast changed to simply, The Women in Ministry United Podcast!


Today, as we celebrate the 100th episode, I share with you 4 lessons that I've learned from you, the community, as you share your experience creating and maintaining healthy rhythms and boundaries in your life and leadership. Exposing these common realities will help us support one another so that we can lead out of the abundant life Jesus wants to give us all!


4 Lessons Learned

1. Most of us don’t prioritize healthy rhythms and boundaries.

It’s only after we come into a place of overwhelm and burnout that we realize it is something we need and are willing to pursue. This does not put us in the greatest position. It is hard to create healthy rhythms and boundaries when we are in a good place, a healthy place. But when we are unhealthy and experiencing overwhelm and burnout it makes it all the more difficult.


Why do we tend to not prioritize healthy rhythms and boundaries? Here are some of the things you've shared:

  • You thought you could handle the load. We are the exceptions...
  • You didn't think it would happen to you.
  • You didn't think burnout in ministry was real. One comment from a woman in ministry was, "turns out burnout is a real thing, who knew?"
  • You thought that if you started to get too busy, you'd know, you'd see it, and you'd be able to stop.
  • You don’t feel the need for it. Things are good, it’s not an issue. 

2. Many don’t realize how unhealthy they’ve become until they’ve crossed the line.

Not many see the deterioration that constant busyness creates. Once it is recognized the reality is that we’re already started to fall off the cliff.  You’ve shared time and time again...I didn’t realize...I had no idea, I didn't know until it was almost too late. 


3. Transformation and healthy leadership is a lifetime journey.

We want a quick fix. Lord, fix it. Change me. Let's put some boundaries in place and get on with it. It almost as if we are annoyed to give attention to the healthy of our leadership. Spiritual maturity and transformation is a process that we need to be willing to give our time towards. You've shared that you hesitate to put long term, intentional time and effort into your own transformational journey.


4. Most of our church cultures are unhealthy.

This one is going to ruffle some feathers but the fact is, most of you have shared that your church culture is no different than the world. In fact, it's a toxic environment. In some cases, rhythms, boundaries, soul care, time with family, and time for yourself are seen as unChristlike. It's a sign of weaknesses or poor leadership. Our church cultures have learned the right language to use but the values are aspirational, not reality. What is said and what is practiced and expected is opposite of one another. Because of this, you've shared that:

  • You're waiting for the culture to change before you begin to integrate healthy rhythms and boundaries.
  • You're waiting for permission from others on your team, in your congregation or in your denomination before you feel empowered to create the change you know you need to thrive.


Let's not let these lessons go to waste! Healthy Rhythms and Boundaries are necessary for every person in ministry. No exceptions. If you are in ministry, you need them. You were designed for them. Don't just try and make it through. Let's be different...let's lead radically different...from a place of healing and wholeness. Let the fulness of life in Christ be the strength of our leadership. Let us be agents of change.


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