How to Get Clear Around What Boundaries and Rhythms Will Work for You [EP:102]

Are you having trouble figuring out what healthy rhythms and boundaries would work for you? Most pastors and leaders I talk with know that they need to put boundaries in place but they are just not sure what will work. And not knowing is what’s keeping them stuck in the unhealthy patterns of leadership.


How do you gain clarity so that you can make progress?

  1. Ask God. God, what do you want for me? What’s your vision, God? What do I need to focus on? What do I need to make time for?
  2. Write down what is most important to you in this season. What relationships are most important in the months ahead? What events are important? What roles, responsibilities do you need to make time for? What parts of yourself need time/attention/nurturing?
  3. Start small. Pick one thing but start. We tend to try and do much too quickly. Do one thing, but do it! We tend to think about things over and over again. We'll talk with colleagues and friends, we'll meditate on what we want, what it could be like...but we actually don’t do anything to change. Doing something will help you gain tons of clarity because only by doing it will you know if it will work for you in this season. 
  4. Make adjustments as needed. You want to give yourself a bit of time to integrate and establish the boundary or rhythm but if you sense in the doing that it isn't working, change it up. Do you need to make some tweaks or just try something entirely different? Check in with God and pick something else.
  5. Be aware of your pitfalls. Whenever we start something different we usually encounter opposition. It comes from within ourselves, from other or from the enemy. So be aware of your mindset, others pulling you back into the "normal" of the unhealthy pattern you were trying to break free from, and the enemy who wants to destroy you and any effort you make to break free from busyness and overwhelm. 


There is no wrong choice. It’s a journey of discovery. You take a step forward and God gives you clarity. In the obedience things become more clear and we gain momentum.


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