4 Mistakes Ministry Leaders Make When Creating Margin [EP:106]

"Margin is the space between our load and our limits." -Dr. Swenson


We all need margin. We were built for it. We need margin from things like being in change, constant activity, overwork, noise, running around, the news, and social media.

We also need margin set aside for things like rest, relationships, play, silence, God, eating uninterrupted, processing our feelings, and moving our bodies.

We want margin but sometimes we struggle to make it a reality in life and ministry. Here are some reasons why.

4 Mistakes Ministry Leaders Make When Creating Margin 


They don’t have a vision. They know they can’t keep doing it the same way but they don’t know what they want and if you don’t know the target, you’ll miss it every time.  


They rarely evaluate. They rarely reflect and see if they are living into that vision. Did they honor the commitments they made to the things that mattered most? Did They spend their time the way they wanted to? What worked well? What got in the way?


They are looking for a quick fix. Making margin is actually part of our spiritual formation process. It is another way in which we try to live like Jesus. Spiritual formation takes time and practice. It's filled with trial and error.  The transformative work of the Holy Spirit tends to bring up a bunch of stuff. It reveals our insecurities, shows who or what we are trusting, clinging to, and relying on other than God, and it exposes the fears, lies, and limiting beliefs we have be living by. So many leaders  give up so easily on themselves because things didn't turn around in an instant.

They try and do it alone. We don’t talk about space, margin, overwork, and burnout in ministry. We hide our struggles. We don’t want people to think that we don’t have what it takes. We don’t want to look weak or incapable. We don’t want to disappoint the people around us. We don’t want to disappoint God. We try to keep it all under wraps, afraid to be judged.  Leaders that struggle to create margin don’t have community around them to help them process what they need to live and lead with healthy rhythms and boundaries. They try and figure it out all by themselves. They don’t connect with the people or resources they need in order to get support on the journey.


You need margin. You were made for it. Margin helps you be a better leader, better spouse, better friend, better parent, and better neighbor. Being intentional about making margin in life and ministry is one of the most powerful and courageous, God-honoring things you can do. 


Need Help?

If you need help making margin I just created a planner for you! The Margin Maker Planner is designed to help you discover and thoughtfully plan the space you need in the months ahead. Monthly journal prompts invite you to connect with God, hear His vision, and integrate the rhythms that will bring you life. Weekly reviews help you intentionally reflex on how the week went, how you experienced God, and what you may want to do differently. And throughout your journey, you’ll find a scripture, quote or tip to keep you motivated and discouraged. 

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