What's Working Today in Ministry [EP:110]

Are you spending time on things that are working in ministry or are you building structures, programs and paradigms that simply just don’t work anymore?

This is a question that continues to come up in conversations with pastors and leaders around the country. We are all feeling the loss of community. We are grieving what church once was or what we hoped it would be. People have drifted away. Others remain on the sidelines. The programs we did and the way we did them don’t seem as effective.


Some of these shifts are temporary but many of these trends may be here to stay. The church has changed. The truth is, it was changing before COVID and now the pandemic has accelerated trends that were already unfolding. And it has become incredibly difficult. 


Our tendency is to try and figure out how to get people to come back. How do we fill the room again? How do we get people back to what used to be? It’s exhausting. It’s painful. Because of our own fatigue we are defaulting to what we knew, what worked or sort of worked before. And it is running us ragged. 


We strategize and plan and promote activities and opportunities that we think will appeal and draw in those who have not come back...or we decide that we are going to go back to pre-covid church and count on things eventually getting back to normal.


And if you can identify with this struggle you are not alone. This is the reality, the struggle in almost every single church, especially in the western world. It’s new territory and it’s difficult, overwhelming. We can get stuck trying to solve a problem that may not be solvable...therefore chasing trends and building models that no longer effectively share Jesus and spread the Kingdom of God.


Here’s the good news...the Spirit is still at work. God is on the move. He isn’t finished. What the enemy meant for evil, God uses for good. There are churches where transformation and miracles are happening. Lives are being changed...God’s will is being done on earth as it is in heaven...and it’s not because of buildings or programs or events to attract...it’s not by the power or might of the people...it’s by the Spirit.


You may see a crisis. But today I am going to invite you to see the opportunity.


In this episode, I share with you some shifts that working in ministry. These things are opening up opportunities for the Spirit to move in the present and they are relieving pastors and leaders from the unreasonable expectation and burden of fixing the church. Here's what we cover:


6 Things That Are Working Today in Ministry

  • Building relationships with whoever shows up.
  • Staying in the moment.
  • Establishing connections however people are opened to them.
  • Supporting meaningful communities outside the church.
  • Looking at spiritual growth rather than the numbers.
  • Wanting something FOR your people rather than FROM them.


Check out today's episode as we unpack what's working today in ministry!


Give yourself permission to stop chasing trends and numbers of people and let God and His vision and desire for you and your church in this moment, be enough.


The Spirit is still at work. God is on the move. He isn’t finished yet.


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