Struggling to Hear From God [EP:115]

When I started talking about feeling far from God a few weeks ago, I had no idea how much that would resonate with so many of you. You have shared that you too feel like you are unable to connect with God. You feel like He is distant.


It’s confusing, it’s frustrating, even disappointing...and it feels lonely.


There are many reasons why we experience a season feeling far from God. Last week in episode 114 we talked about being in a spiritual rut and some things we can do to connect with God in a meaningful way. If you haven't listened yet you can check it out HERE.


What should you do when you find yourself struggling to hear from God? 


There are many things that can keep us from hearing from God. Spiritual and emotional fatigue and exhaustion can play a factor. Busyness and constant work in ministry and other activities in life can impact our ability to hear. Our own sin and desires of the flesh, our worries, fears...they all can play a part.


While it is hard to give an exhaustive list or a quick step guide to hear from Him instantly, there are some questions we can ask ourselves to see the bigger picture and gain spiritual perspective.

If you feel like you are not hearing from God here are some things to consider.


Are you listening?

  • Are you in the word...consistently? Have you forgotten your first love? Is your relationship with God put on the back burner as you attend to everyone and everything else?
  • Do you say a bunch of stuff and then get up and move on. (I know I do!)
  • Do you expect God to answer at that moment. Are you watching and listening throughout the day? 
  • Are you distracted? What’s going on around you? What’s going on inside of you?


Are you in the right posture? 

  • Are you receptive, expectant, hopeful? Are you convinced of His love, His control, His goodness, and His ability?
  • Are you looking to glorify and honor God? Are you looking for something from God or are you looking for God? There is a difference.
  • What is  your mind focused on? What are you meditating on? Truth? Are your thoughts set up against the truth of Christ?
  • Have you slowed down? Have you created space and margin? God often shows up there!


Are you having the right conversation?

  • Is this the conversation God wants to have with you? Perhaps there is something else that needs to be discussed before moving on to your concerns. It could be directly tied to helping you sort out what He’s saying about the particular situation on your mind or it could be entirely different.
  • Is this what matters most? 


Are you limiting your perspective on how God wants to speak?

  • Could God be talking to you in a different way? Are you only looking for Him to speak in one specific way or are you open to Him coming in an unexpected way?
  • Is God speaking to you through people? Through your circumstances?


If you are feeling far from God and are struggling to hear God remember, this is normal. It is a normal part of our relationship with God. And it comes from a place of love. God uses this time as He does of all things, for your good... to bring you closer to trust Him, cling to Him, rely on Him and Him alone.


Your Next Step

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