The Cure for an Unsustainable Pace [EP:117]

Are you running from one thing to the next? Has the pace of life and ministry become unsustainable?  It is so easy to constantly be on the go, to always be "on" and available and many pastors and ministry leaders are feeling the impact. Maybe you do too. Maybe you know that you are running yourself into the ground. You are keenly aware that you can’t keep it up much longer. It’s not a question of loving God or even loving what you’s a matter of the relentless pace in which you are doing it.

You can be unrelenting in your love for Jesus, your commitment to sharing the gospel and serving your ministry organization without a relentless pace.


You probably know that deep inside. You know that you were not meant to go like the energizer bunny. You were not designed to keep your foot on the gas and keep going no matter what. That’s what gets celebrated in our’s what is valued and is even what gets promoted in the church as a caring, Jesus-loving, committed leader.

But, you weren’t meant for constant activity and commitments, even good and Godly ones. So what do you do? How do you fix it? What’s the cure for an unsustainable pace? The answer is simple but not easy. 

If you want to solve the problem of an unsustainable pace, the solution is to have a sustainable one. That’s right...If you want a sustainable pace in ministry, you need to create a sustainable pace in ministry.


Now, if you’re like me you think, well, duh. That’s a no brainer, except, is it? For whatever reason we somehow just want the pace to slow down without doing anything differently.


We desperately want the pace to change, but we aren’t willing to change the pace. 


In this episode I share a few key things to ask yourself as you prime the pump and get ready for changing the pace.

  • What is your philosophy and theology of a sustainable pace to ministry?
  • What is sustainable for you?
  • What is God calling you to this season?
  • What relationships matter most?

A sustainable pace to life and ministry is so important. It will make it more likely for you to continue as a healthy leader for the long haul, living out your calling in your particular context. It helps you be present both physically and emotionally to those around you and it is critical in order for us to become more and more like Jesus.


Let's not just talk about a sustainable pace, let's make it a reality!


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