Your Ministry Strength [EP:079]

What is the strength of your ministry?

What is that one thing that makes you the person and the leader God has created you to be? What gives you the potency, the power to impact the Kingdom and do the things God has called you to do? My guess is that if you knew the answer to THAT, it would change everything, right? You’d make sure to develop that leadership muscle. You’d spend the time that was’d protect that strength at all costs.

What if I told you, I know your strength? I know your superpower because it is my superpower too.


The strength of your ministry is your relationship with God.**


Our relationship with God is the one thing that helps us be the person and leader we were created and called to be. Our relationship with God gives us the potency to impact the Kingdom and gives us the power to do the things we were called to do.


An alarming trend is the amount of pastors and ministry leaders who spend very little time cultivating their relationship with God. We have so many spiritual leaders who don’t have a spiritual life.


Key Points Discussed 


  • Your ministry role is part of who you isn’t all of who you are. Your identity comes from belonging to the most High God. You are important because you are a daughter of the King. This is the role and position that matters most. That is a role that you take into everything...your marriage, ministry, parenting, and friendships.
  • Who you are becoming matters more than what you are doing...even what you are doing for God.
  • Our spiritual strength, our ability to discern, be wise, and have good judgement comes from our relationship with God. We can’t do our ministry role well apart from our relationship with God.
  • You can’t lead what you don’t live. You can’t give what you don’t have. 

**The statement, “The strength of my ministry is my relationship with God” is a direct quote from Pastor Kaan Koryurek


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