Giving Yourself Grace in Ministry [EP:83]

Do you find it hard to give yourself grace?

Many of us would answer, yes. It’s interesting...we are able to show kindness and patience with others, but we are much harder on ourselves.

Our Current Situation

Many of us are under a lot of pressure. Not only are we trying to manage it all, but there’s been a lot going on that adds to our stress. Every time I turn around I feel like there is another "historic" or "unprecedented" event unfolding. You just can’t wrap your brain around what’s happening. It’s truly unbelievable, and yet here we are in the midst of it. Some things we see and feel from a distance, while others hit right at home.

The Result

These events add up. They take their toll on us. We need to be ok with not feeling personally responsible for everything. It’s tough, especially for people in ministry because it’s part of our calling as Jesus followers and as spiritual leaders to grieve with those who grieve and hurt with those who hurt.

[Side note...that’s why space and margin is so important to cultivate in our lives and souls. We need space to be fully present with others and allow our hearts to feel and heal.]


But it doesn't stop there. We tend to pile on the expectations. Here’s what we tend to say to ourselves:

  • I should be doing more.
  • I am behind.
  • I'm late.
  • I'm doing too little.
  • I'm failing

We even do this when it comes to creating healthy rhythms and boundaries. We try to make changes but we fall short. We didn't stop at the time we said we would. We ignored the time for margin on our calendar. We worked on our day off. We answered that phone call or text when it could have waited.


Here's the thing, we are never going to get it perfect. Some days will be better than others. Through it all, there is NO CONDEMNATION IN CHRIST. He gives you grace upon grace upon grace. And if HE is able to do that for us, shouldn't we extend grace to ourselves?

Steps to Giving Yourself Grace

  • Do what you can
  • Speak kindness and truth over yourself (be very careful of the words you are speaking over your life.)
  • Ask yourself, "what would God say about this to you?"
  • Confess anything, if needed.
  • Regroup and reprioritize
  • Keep going


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