Tips for Communicating with your People in Ministry [EP:084]

One of the keys to great leadership is to communicate well with your people. This is important in ministry in general and is a valuable and necessary leadership principle when you are focused on your priorities and setting healthy boundaries.

Many times we create frustration because we have not relayed the right information to the right people at the right time. Sharing the particulars is critical to help people understand what to expect and manage tension and anxiety.


Keys to Communicating Well


Communicate Clearly and Often

(Inspired Patrick Lencioni's foundations for creating a healthy organization.)

  • Create clarity: Oftentimes we aren't clear...we think we are being clear, but something is being lost in translation. Clarity is key. It helps to build and maintain a healthy organization both with staff and with the people you serve. Let people be your advocate. Plus if it is within your scope of influence, create an environment where everyone has healthy boundaries. Consider practicing with others.  
  • Over communicate: Repeat, repeat, repeat. Sound like a broken record!
  • Reinforce clarity: Don't just Make sure that you do not create confusion by saying one thing and doing another. Be consistent and reinforce with your actions, plans, and priorities. This will build trust. People know you mean what you say and will do what you've planned.


Communicate with the right people in the right order. Discern with the Lord as to who need to hear this from you personally. Make those conversations a priority. Also, make sure your team and the people most affected will hear it from you FIRST. 


Use different forms of communication. Share in multiple ways and times. Use email, zoom, text, and individual conversations when able and appropriate.


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