What to do with Pushback in Ministry [EP:085]

Have you ever experienced pushback in ministry? Have people reacted negatively to the changes that you are making? They don't like it and they're letting you know that they don't like it! That may seem like a silly question. Of course we have experienced pushback...and if you haven’t yet, don’t worry...it’s coming! 

Pushback happens.. Pushback is normal.

What should you do when someone opposes or complains about the changes you are making?

Let’s start by talking about change for a second.

Change is a stressor (even good change).

People resist change.

Resistance creates friction, otherwise known as conflict. And we typically avoid conflict. But there is such a thing as healthy conflict. It is important to reframe your thinking that pushback is bad. You’ve got to remind yourself this is normal and it can be good. Healthy conflict helps create a healthy culture and healthy people with healthy relationships.

Key Tips Discussed:

  • Reframe your idea of pushback. IT IS NORMAL and it can be healthy
  • Ask questions, preferably ones that are open-ended. This gives people a chance to getter explore and explain their feelings.
  • Give them the information that they need
  • Tell them what to expect to negate uncertainty
  • Remember they are looking at things from their perspective. Sit with them in that for a moment and then help them reframe and see this from a biblical perspective of healthy leadership and God-honoring discipleship. We get comfortable with our routines/habits. It is helpful to explain the why behind what you are doing...it is good for them to see the biblical connection.
  • Remember oftentimes we are afraid and anxious about what is to come.
  • Change, even good, is a stressor...we are all overstressed! Give space for this.

Lastly, you just have to become comfortable with the fact that some people will always be uncomfortable when you decide to do something different. And that’s ok.

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