Does Your Ministry Help You Be You? [EP:089]

Does all that you do for God help you be your whole self? The answer should be YES, but many of us find that we end up losing ourselves along the way. Too many great, godly women are leaving their ministry positions. Some may step out of the position of authority, while others stay but are dying on the inside. We start off by saying yes to God and our God given assignment, but end up drifting to this place where we are not able to be the true, complete, whole person God called us to be.


The Trend

Far too many times, while we begin ministry with enthusiasm and hope, it ends up consuming all of who we are and tends to put to death the other vital pieces of our lives. None of us wake up and think, "let's say yes to ministry but ignore every other piece of ourselves or neglect important relationships," but it can happen if we are not careful.


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Margin Maker. If you need to make margin in your life and ministry you won't want to miss the Margin Maker workshop. You'll get clear on your priorities, decide on the margin you need, create a plan, have community with other like-minded women, and join together in prayer. Registration opens April 9th and closes at 6:00p CST April 16th. CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS.

Pete Scazzero. Pete is the former lead pastor of New Life Fellowship in Queens, NY and the author of all things connected to emotionally healthy spirituality. "[Pete] co-founded Emotionally Healthy Discipleship, a groundbreaking ministry that moves the church forward by slowing the church down in order to multiply deeply changed leaders and disciples." Pete also hosts the Emotionally Healthy Discipleship podcast.  


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