Dealing with Expectations in Ministry

Trying to figure out how to manage all the expectations in ministry? 

In this episode, we go deeper into what lies beneath expectations and what to do with them if they are something we can't do. 

What are expectations?

  • Assumptions, presumptions
  • Hopes
  • What they think would happen in the future
  • State of Anticipating
  • Feeling of what should happen

Where do they come from?

  • Family, friends, neighbors, schools, people in the place of our ministry
  • Formed and shaped by past experiences and personal definition of responsibilities.

Things to consider. Are the expectations:

  • conscious
  • realistic
  • spoken
  • agreed upon

What do you do with them?

  • Ask God about the condition of your heart and for His guidance.
  • If it was not agreed upon, acknowledge this in a kind way by saying, "I didn’t know that’s what you were expecting" or
    simply, "I’m sorry, I am not able to do that."
  • If it was agreed upon, start a conversation. Talk about it. This is what I can do...this is what I can’t do right now. OR I am not able to do [____________], what would you like me to put my time and energy towards?

You can't control whether or not someone else's expectation is reasonable. You can't control how they will receive your "no," if they will agree or understand. You CAN control the posture and motivation of your heart.

Also mentioned in the episode:

Geri Scazzero, author, speaker, and spiritual leader/mentor. You can find out more about her HERE.



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