Plan Time Off (and What Can Happen When You Don't) [EP:095]

Planning time that hard for you? Is it hard for you to intentionally take chunks of time and set them aside, designating them as time to step away and not be in charge? Is it hard for many people, including for me!


Most of us have a hard time being intentional about looking at the months ahead and carving out space to step away. We'd rather get to a season when there is a lull...things slow down and there is calm after the storm. We wait until everything is checked off the list and taken care of...and THEN, then we'll decide to take time off. The problem is, that time rarely comes! There is always something. The only way that most of us will have time off is if we plan it in advance.

Have you planned your time off? Do you have time set aside that will look different from the regular pace of life and ministry? Now's the time. Decide when you will have time off. Mark it off on your calendar now. Even if it is two days here, three days there...whatever works for you, but plan it now. If you don't decide how you'll use your time, other people will decide for you. 

Speaking of time off...this is episode #95 of the podcast and I have been creating the podcast almost nonstop since May 2019. So, I am going to plan time off! I admit, I should have done this sooner but I never decided and planned the rhythms of the podcast ahead of time! See how easy it is to let this essential rhythm slip away?! 

Over the next few weeks I'll be featuring our most popular episodes as I step back to get refreshed. These conversations are timeless and I know they will encourage you as you eliminate overwhelm, lead with focus, and have time for things outside of ministry. 




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