The Power of a Mid-Year Review: Looking Back [EP:097]

How good are you at remembering? I'm sure you have a plan or strategy to make sure you remember all your "to-do's" for various things in life and ministry but this isn't the kind of remembering I'm talking about.

How good are you remembering the Lord...what He has done, what He has spoken, how He has provided and protected?

Throughout the scriptures we are constantly told to remember because we are people who are quick to forget.

It is important to reflect and remember.

This episode is being released the last Thursday of June which means the first half of the year is over, so it is the perfect time to do a mid-year review! Why? We don’t want to live by chance. We want to be strategic and intentional about following the path God has set out for us. Many of us take time to reflect and align ourselves to the movement of God at the beginning of the year which is great, but then we end up waiting until the entire year has passed before we check in with God about the things we felt so passionate about and the ways we wanted to move forward.


So today I’m going to give you some questions to help you do a mid-year review. It will help you recall all the ways God has loved you, it will help you reflect on how God has provided for you, spoken to you, protected you, healed you, guided you, and given you strength as you’ve journeyed throughout the year. These questions will also help you see all that God has done in your ministry AND is also a touch point with God to make sure you are pursuing and prioritizing the desires He put in your heart. This process helps us see how far we have come.

Your Mid-Year Review


Grab your journals, bring your calendar, and at the risk of being distracted from your cell phone, pull up your photos from this year. 


  • What scripture(s) has God given to you throughout the year?
  • What promises has He spoken over you?
  • What desires did He stir in your heart? What did you sense God wanted for you?
  • How has God loved you? 
  • What good things did God give you?
  • How has God protected and provided for you?
  • Where do you see God moving in your ministry?


Look back over the commitments you made to God, yourself, and your family. What things did you determine were priorities? How did you end up spending your time, energy, and resources? Did it align with what you valued most?


How have you been able to follow the path God set before you?

What did God ask you to do that you have forgotten in the first part of the year as you’ve journeyed along? Start thinking about any adjustments you want to make in the second half of the year, which is what next week’s episode will be all about.


Remember! God’s goodness, His promises, the ways in which He has convicted your heart and invited you into His rhythms of grace.

Healthy, effective leaders do not leave things to chance...especially our remembering! We don’t just hope we follow the path God set out for us. We don’t just hope we remember the things He has spoken, revealed, and the steps He was prompting us to take. We are intentional because our “remembering,” our reviewing and reflecting is powerful. It increases our faith, our thankfulness, brings us back to repentance for the things we’ve let go, and shows us the glory and goodness of God.


Enjoy your mid-year review and let me know how this experience was for you! You can email me HERE.


Scriptures Mentioned

  • Psalm 119:55
  • Psalm 103:2
  • Nehemiah 4
  • Deuteronomy 7 & 8

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