Looking Ahead: The Power of a Mid-Year Review [EP:098]

There are three rhythms that everyone in ministry should have: A rhythm of rest, rhythm of retreat, and a rhythm of review. Today we are going to talk more about the rhythm of review.

Effective ministry leaders have a regular rhythm of review...weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly. That may seem like a lot of reviewing! But you’d be surprised how transformative this practice is and it doesn’t take a particularly long time to do. Although you could spend hours if you’d like, setting aside just 30-45 minutes of intentional time to look back and remember what you committed to, what God did, what God said, reviewing how it went, and looking forward, seeking God on how He wants you to spend your time...it’s a game changer. It really helps you draw closer to God as you constantly seek Him and ask Him to speak to  you.


Last week we had a chance to look back, remember, thank God for all He has done and remember the things He’s asked of us that we haven’t done yet. Today we are looking ahead. So, grab your calendar, your journal or however you record what God is saying to you and let's get started!


Questions as You Look Ahead


  • God, what’s your vision for me? My family? My ministry?
  • What rhythms and boundaries do you want to create or maintain in the second part of the year?
  • What things are the utmost important? Help me to prioritize?
  • What relationships would you like me to focus on?
  • Where are the busy seasons over the next 6 months and when will I create margin before moving on to the next thing?
  • What obstacles could get in the way of what you desire for me? What should I watch out for?

It will be the end of the year before you know it. Your life is too precious and purpose too great to leave how you spend your time, energy, and resources to chance! Take time now to look ahead and experience deeper intimacy with God as you review together what’s to come.

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