Dealing with Compassion Fatigue with Laura Howe [EP:099]

Compassion fatigue is a reality for many caregivers in ministry. In this episode I sit down with Laura Howe from Hope Made Strong as she shares her insights and strategies on how you can tell if compassion fatigue is affecting you and what you can do about it.

Laura defines compassion fatigue as "the physical and mental erosion, the wearing down, of your hope, empathy, and compassion." It is something that develops overtime and can compromise our compassion for others as well as ourselves.

Compassion fatigue is not a sin, failure, or weakness. It is a result of being a caring person and doing good work. It shows up when we haven't had the opportunity to refuel.

Resources from Laura

10 Signs Your Experiencing Compassion Fatigue

7 Keys to Build Resilience

More About Laura:

Laura loves to equip you and your ministry team as you support and care for others in your community. Founder of Hope Made Strong and the Church Mental Health Summit Laura is a mental health clinician and community development strategist for churches that want to care for their communities without burning out.

Supporting local church leaders to overcome and prevent burnout, create effective and sustainable care ministries and be a beacon of hope  for their community is what she loves to do!

When church leaders are healthy and when congregations are healed and transformed, they are more able to fulfill the gospel mission.

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