How to Price Your Offer

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Are you struggling with how to price your offer for your online course or membership? You're not alone! Many of us wonder what we should charge and we often fear that we will actually charge too much. But before you decide your price point, there are 3 things to consider first.


3 Things to Consider When Pricing Your Course or Membership

  1. Where does your course or membership fit within your overall business? Is it an entry point? Is it higher up your value ladder? Where it fits in your overall business ecosystem will impact the price you charge.
  2. How much time do they have with you inside your course or membership? How many personal touch points do people have with you in your course or membership? How much of you do they get? You are valuable.
  3. How much value does your course or membership bring? We often quantify the value based on time and amount of content. The better question is, "how much value do you bring to your people with your content and process?" This goes back to the problem you're solving and the transformation they seek. What is the value of your solution?


Remember that the pricing of your first offer can change. You can increase it down the road. Start somewhere and make the adjustments you need. 

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