4 Spiritual Disciplines to Help You Renew Your Soul [EP:10]

Are you looking for new ways to renew your soul? Sometimes we can get in a rut and spiritual practices that have worked so well for us in the past don't seem to be as helpful. In order to be healthy pastors and leaders as well as women living in the freedom of Christ, we should be growing closer to the Lord each and every day. While there is nothing "magical" about a spiritual practice per se, trying a new spiritual discipline, even one that may be a bit uncomfortable, is a great way to stay connected with Jesus and learn to hear Him and See Him in fresh new ways.


In this episode, I share 4 spiritual disciplines you can use to help you renew your soul and grow closer to God. Here are the spiritual disciplines we cover:






Questions to Consider for EXAMEN

  • Where did you sense God and His presence?
  • How were you loved by God today?
  • Where did you not feel God present?
  • In what part of your day was God’s love not obvious?
  • Where did you need God today but couldn’t find Him?
  • What were some joys? Victories? Concerns? Struggles?
  • What brought you life? What sucked the life out of you?
  • When were you living and leading as your true self?
  • When were you living and leading as your false self?


Resources Mentioned

The Only Necessary Thing: Living A Prayerful Life
Henri J.M. Nouwen

An Invitation to Silence and Solitude
Ruth Haley Barton

Praying a Psalm in Nature

A Place to Pause


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