Boundaries and Margin in the Midst of Tragedy [EP:013]

How does space and margin integrate or intertwine with tragedy, grief, or loss? Do you tend to feel guilty for creating space when there's chaos happening in the world, in your community, or in your own life? Or do you feel like you have permission to step back and create boundaries...even in the midst of grief and loss?


In this episode, I share my thoughts and observations from interactions with other women leaders as we wrestle with making margin alongside the recent heartache that has gripped our country and the church. 



Many of us are trying to process the recent school shooting in Uvalde, Texas. It's difficult to find the time and the right people. At the same time, there is a profound sense of hurt that has been exposed more fully as the Southern Baptist Convention released its report giving details on those responsible for hundreds of cases of abuse within the church. Many of us have gone through the pain of being violated physically or emotionally by leaders in churches in every denomination.   


And of course, we each have our own personal circumstances. Marriages are strained, our kids are struggling, we are dealing with anxiety and illness of our own.  Setting boundaries and creating margin to process our hurt, grief, and pain is absolutely necessary. We need to allow ourselves time to lament, gather our thoughts, and sit with God.


We also should not feel ashamed or guilty for needing prayer and support for the difficulty we have in our own lives. We can both acknowledge the pain of others in Uvalde and elsewhere...AND give voice to our own hurt and needs. There is no comparison. Pain is pain. Grief is grief.   Extend yourself grace. Extend others grace, especially when they aren't responding the way you think they should. Let's think the best of one another, pray for each other, love each other, and be united together.


I'd love to hear your comments and thoughts around this topic.


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