Becoming the Adult Over Your Life [EP:018]

Setting boundaries inevitably involves taking responsibility for your choices. You are the one who makes them. You are the one who must live with their consequences. And you are the one who may be keeping yourself from making the choices you could be happy with. We must own our own thoughts and clarify distorted thinking.        -Henry Cloud


Many of us wonder how we ended up where we are far away from the person we were created to be. It's because we are caught up in The Drift.


We have one life to live and we don't want to leave anything to chance. Boundaries are key to keeping us on track. That means that we need to grow in spiritual and emotionally maturity and exercise the authority Jesus gave us over our life and leadership. In other words, we need to become the adult. We need to take responsibility for our own choices.


And yet, many of us are at the whim of the waters, being tossed back and forth by everyone else's opinion and expectations. That's what the Apostle Paul calls being "immature children."


Becoming the Adult Over Your Life Means

  • You are a great leader.
  • You are wise.
  • You are godly.
  • You are intentional about stewarding well the limited time, energy, and resources God has given you.


Yes, you'll make mistakes. Things will come up. You'll grow. You'll learn. You'll fail. And then you'll grow some more. You will become more like Jesus. But it will NEVER happen if we do nothing...if we drift and abdicate responsibility over our life...expecting...hoping...that someone, somehow, somewhere will make it OK and do the adulting for us.


Key Questions

  • In what ways do you need to take ownership and responsibility for your life and leadership?
  • What decisions have you been leaving up to others that you need to reclaim authority over?


Resources Mentioned

Henry Cloud, Boundaries: When to Say Yes, How to Say Not to Take Control of Your Life

Pete Scazzero, Emotionally Healthy Leadership 

Margin Maker podcast: The Drift [EP:016] and How to Guard Against the Drift [EP:017]



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