The Margin Maker Framework [EP:003]

How can you actually make margin in your life and leadership? What’s the actual process? How do you figure out what you need and what should you do once you have the vision? In this episode I share with you the margin maker framework to take the guesswork out of it.


The Margin Maker Framework

Caring for your SOUL: Ruth Haley Barton describes the soul as the truest part of you. Your relationship with God, your understanding of your whole self, and focusing on who you are becoming are all aspects of the soul and help you define your priorities. 


Reconnecting with your CALLING: Your God-given passions and desires help shape the role you play in the body of Christ. Reconnecting to the call God has placed on your life helps you rediscover your priorities.


Shifting your MINDSET: We make decisions based on what we believe. Oftentimes we are stuck because of fears, lies, and limiting beliefs. When we go beneath the surface we can see that there are underlying falsehoods that are perpetuating unhealthy cycles. Shifting our mindset to align with the Word of God helps us break unhealthy patterns and behavior so we can make progress.


Creating your PLAN: Hoping things will somehow change isn’t a great strategy. We will never drift into having margin. We need to be intentional and make plans to put the HR&B we need into place.


Engaging in DIALOGUE: We do not live or lead in a vacuum. We do life with others. As we begin to do something different we should be communicating with others so that they can know what to expect.


Connecting for SUPPORT: We can be connected to Jesus, clear on our priorities, have the right mindset and strategies, and communicate clearly…but when it comes down to it, we then need to put our plans into action and do something different. This is hard. Having support through community keeps us encouraged, empowered, and equipped!



The framework's purpose is to ENCOURAGE, EMPOWER, and EQUIP you to make the margin you need.


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