3 Tips to Help You Learn if You Should Say Yes or No [EP:009]

Let me ask you…Are you an automatic YES person? Do you always say yes when someone asks you to do something? Is that your default answer? Or, what about this one…Maybe you’d like to say no but you don’t know how to break that cycle. Or maybe you don’t even know what answer to give, is this something you SHOULD do or not…or perhaps you wonder…do I have a choice?? In today’s episode I am going to share with you some tips on how you can discover and learn whether you should say yes or whether you should say no…and we’ll also chat about HOW to communicate your decision.


3 Tips to Help You Discern Whether to Say YES or NO

Don't Give An Answer Right Away. Create space between the ask and the answer. Say something like, "let me check on a few things and get back to you." There is power in pausing. This helps use be thoughtful


Ask God. We tend to only ask God about the "big" things. But every yes adds up. God is the only one who knows what is ahead. He knows what is good for you. He is the one who is in control. Why wouldn't we want His direction in the all things?? The ask can be good. It can be a godly activity or endeavor. But that doesn't mean it is for us in the moment. 


Count the Cost.  Every yes costs you something. Time. Energy. Resources. Spiritual capacity. We are limited. Every yes is a withdraw on our capacity and we need to count the cost because we have limitations. What is the cost of saying yes to your relationships, your marriage, your family, and everything else you have already said yes to??


And then...

Once you know the answer and if it is no, make sure to communicate it simply and clearly. Don't beat around the bush. Don't give a long-winded dissertation explaining why this isn't a good time (we don't give a 20 minute reason why we say yes, so why would we do this when saying no??) Be clear. Don't give a bunch of reasons. And don't say so much that they aren't sure what your answer was!!


There is great power to know when to say yes and when to say no. It helps you lead with focus, be more attentive, care for your soul, have time for the things that matter most, and for you to be the leader and person you were created to be!


I'd love to know which tip is most helpful to you!



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