One Practice to Keep Your Business Safe

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Imagine if you were no longer able to access your website, membership, email list or social media platforms. What would you do? How would that impact your business?


I was reminded of the importance of backing up your content over the summer. I was working on an email for one of my clients and one section was taking a lot of energy and creativity to get the words just right. I opened up Kajabi (the email platform) and started to type inside the platform itself. I knew better. I had the experience a few years ago of losing everything on my computer that wasn't on the cloud and I was determined not to have that happen again. So, I usually back up things as I go but I got lazy and didn't do that.


Instead of opening a Google doc and creating the words there, I did all the creating right in the platform. When I was going to hit the save button something happened. The power went out. And when everything got turned back on, the newest version of the email was NOT saved. I had lost all of that hard work because I didn't take a small step to back up my content!


We all are vulnerable to losing our content if we don't back it up! Don't let this happen to you! Have a back up of your content so that if you lose access to anything, you have what you need at your fingertips!


Have a Back Up of Your Content

  • Write your copy (words) for sales pages, blog posts, emails, etc. in a word processor and then copy and paste it into the platform you use. Then move that document to an external hard drive.
  • Save all your video content on an external hard drive.
  • Export your email list once a month from your CRM and save it.
  • Save any images, PDF's, podcast episodes, etc. on a hard drive.


The best practice is to save as you go but if you have never saved your content and have a lot already out in the world...don't worry! Take a video on Loom or Zoom (or whatever tool you use) of your website and all of its pages. Then put some time on your calendar (an hour a week, a week a month, whatever works for you) and copy your content on to a document along with your videos and pdf's and all of your course or membership posts, and save it on an external hard drive.


This will take you time and energy but trust me, it is well worth the effort to keep your content secure! Imagine if your content disappears. Imagine if you no longer have access to your course or membership. That would be devastating! This will take time but you won't regret keeping your content safe! It will save you and your business if something ends up happening to the online or social platforms you use.


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