Should I Hire Someone to Help Me With My Course or Membership?

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Should you hire someone to build your course or membership?


The answer to this question is unique to each business owner and there are some important factors to consider as you're making the right decision for you. Here's a quick overview of what we talk about in episode 13 of My Entrepreneurial Life.


Questions to Ask Yourself


  • Do you understand how to convert your content to a digital platform in a way that is accessible and helpful for people to experience what your course or membership promises?
  • Do you know the elements of a compelling sales page?
  • Do you have all the tech pieces put together?
  • What skills do you already possess or would have to learn if you were to build this yourself?
  • Do you have the time, energy, desire to learn?
  • Do you have a team? A social media manager? VA?
  • What is your financial budget?


If you find that you have the time and desire to learn new skills, you could absolutely do this! Go for it! And if you need help, there are different options available to you to get the support you need. You could have someone help you with strategy and give you a plan for you to follow. You could hire someone who is tech savvy in the platforms you already own to put the pieces together for you. Or you could have someone do a custom build and launch.


What to Do When You Aren't Sure Which Direction to Go


Sometimes we get stuck because we aren't sure what to do. That's totally normal. But don't let uncertainty keep you from getting your course or membership out into the world! Instead, have some conversations with people who offer various levels of support. There are plenty of great strategists, virtual assistants and specialists who would love to connect and hear your vision and desires for your course or membership. In addition, they would love to share who they are and what they do.


As you have these conversations you will get more clarity for yourself and will be able to discern the next step you need to take!


Consider a Strategy Session

I offer a 90 minute strategy session to dive into your area of need. Whether you need help with your content, need marketing ideas, dates and "to-do's" for a launch plan, or help figuring out Kajabi, let's connect for a call to see if this would be helpful to you. 



Create the Ultimate Onboarding Experience!

Your onboarding process for new members and students is one of the most vital AND most overlooked pieces of your client's journey. Don't let that be the case with you! 

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