Which Platform Should You Use to Build Your Course or Membership?

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Which platform should you use to build your online course or membership? This is a question that anyone and everyone who is building a course or membership must answer because we need a platform...a place that will be home base where our students and members can come and engage with our content.


The good news is that there are many quality software systems available and those tools have been improving over the years and deliver a high quality experience for your students and members. There are a lot of solid choices! Here are a few possibilities to consider for your business:


Different Software to Consider 

  • Wordpress with plugins
  • Mighty Networks
  • Thinkific
  • Teachable
  • Funnel Gorgeous
  • Kartra
  • Kajabi (this is my software of choice)


Some of these tools may require you to purchase and connect them to others. Remember, you'll need a sales page, a way for people to checkout and pay, an automation process to give them access to their course or membership, a way to tag a new member or student, an email system to stay connected and a platform to house all of your content. All of these tools require an investment in time, knowledge and money. As you think about what platform is best for you, consider the tools you have and will need, the knowledge you already possess, the time you have to invest in learning more and the financial cost of your entire tech stack.


Just Get Started

Remember, regardless of where you do decide to start, it doesn't need to be where you keep your course or membership forever. Start in a place that works for you now and know that as you grow you can migrate your content to another platform down the road.



There is no magic bullet that will work seamlessly without hiccups or a detriment in some area. No software will be perfect and if anyone tries to sell you on an all in one solution that does everything extremely well, I'd encourage you to dive a bit deeper. There also isn't one system that works without any friction. You can have amazing systems and products set up to work together and then you run into a challenge when they get disconnected. Do you know the tech well enough to troubleshoot and fix it?


My platform of choice is Kajabi. It hosts courses and memberships with excellence and does a great job with automations and building all your landing pages along with a blog. And it makes sense to me! Sure, I've learned tons of tips and tricks since going "all in" with Kajabi, even some custom coding that Kajabi won't teach you, but my brain just gets along with Kajabi while I struggle with Wordpress. 


But Kajabi doesn't do everything with excellence. It doesn't allow you to set global settings for your site so you need to create a landing page template with the settings as a template and then duplicate it or you need to set them up each time. Kajabi also doesn't have a rich text editor for email. You can put your email together, format it and test it out, only to find a random line changed in font size once it hit your inbox. Kajabi isn't Mailchimp. That's not where it shines and for me, I'm ok with that. I'm not ok with fixing plugin and figuring out how to make a bunch of systems play nice. I don't have the time or desire to do a deep dive and know the systems well enough to serve my clients with excellence.


That's just me.


The key is testing things out to see how it works for YOU! If you are interested in testing out Kajabi, I am a Kajabi Partner and you can get a free 30 day trial by using the link HERE. 


Kajabi Audit

Are you using Kajabi and are disappointed with the results? Let's talk about doing a Kajabi Audit!

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