Why Space and Margin are Essential to Living and Leading Well

Do you have space and margin built into your every day? Most of us don't. We believe that if we create space and margin, we will miss out on the opportunity to do or produce something valuable. We feel guilty if we have unscheduled time and we violate the God-given rhythm of space and margin in the name of doing something great for God.

Here's the thing:

Space and margin are essential for your life and leadership. 

In this episode, Jen dives deeper into the reasons we refuse to create space and what happens when we finally do. She also gives a pro tip on how to create this buffer within your day-to-day.

More from the Episode:

God works in open spaces. He speaks, gives us ideas, sets up divine appointments and opportunities, and expands our vision.

Space and margin doesn't just happen. It starts with you. It's a decision that you make and a discipline you integrate. 

Creating space and margin is dependent on the mindset that says:

  • I am valued by God regardless of what I do
  • God is at work when we are not
  • Less is more
  • God can do more with my obedience and surrender than with my striving and effort

When you create space and margin:

  • Your priorities become clearer
  • You energy increases
  • Your soul is healthier
  • Your relationships are stronger
  • Your impact is greater
  • You are able to notice what God is doing around you



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