You Just Launched Your Course or Membership. Now What?

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If you have gone through all the hard work of putting your content together and launching your offer into the world, and people have finally purchased it, you may be thinking to yourself. Now what? Now what do I do? First of all I want to say, “well done!” This is not easy work. You've done such a great job getting all of your pieces in place and people are buying from you! 


That also means that you have done a great job at meeting people where they are and being able to speak back their pain points and helping them see the transformation that they deeply desire and that you, in fact, are able to help them. That's wonderful. I just want you to be able to sit in that space for a moment and celebrate that victory because there are many people who launch a course in membership and no one buys. So the fact that you have people that have said yes and are now a part of working with you in this way is awesome, and you should just celebrate that so well done!


Now that you've launched there are a few things you'll want to do.


Things to Do After You've Launched


Post Launch Review: What went well? What fell flat? What do you want to change? Are there new things you want to incorporate into your next launch? Write it all down while it is fresh in your mind and use it the next time you launch.


Show up and Serve Well: Show up and deliver all the things that you promised in your offer. Give generously to your people. Do this even if this is a self-paced course! You can create an automated email sequence with encouragement that is sent over a specific period of time to everyone who has purchased. Remember, people are taking your course or participating in your membership alongside everything else in life and sometimes they need to be reminded WHY they purchased or joined in the first place. Help them go back to their “why.”


Listen and Learn: Always be learning from your people. What do they still struggle with as they engage your content? Have you missed the mark in explaining your framework or talking about a specific issue? What questions do people still have as they go along? What gaps do you need to fill? Pay attention to what they are thinking, feeling, and doing. This will help you make your content even better! 


Ask for Help When Needed: As entrepreneurs, we are doing so many different things in our businesses. It’s OK to hire someone to help you with maintaining your course and membership because there's going to be a lot of different things that happen. People are going to have questions. People might lose their passwords. You're going have people cancel if they're in an online membership. (Don't freak out. It is completely normal. It happens.) What do you do when they cancel? How do you make sure they're removed from the platform as well as any other places like a private Facebook group or however you have it set up?  There's a lot of ongoing maintenance that's beyond just showing up and serving your people. So you may need to ask for help. 


Your Onboarding Experience

One of the ways in which you can really help people to hone in on what they're doing in a course or membership is having an awesome onboarding experience. If you don't have one yet and you need some help with that, I have a great resource that gives you five keys that really get people engaged. It's an additional step to serving them and giving them a “wow” experience when working with you. You can grab it below.


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Create the Ultimate Onboarding Experience!

Your onboarding process for new members and students is one of the most vital AND most overlooked pieces of your client's journey. Don't let that be the case with you! 

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