How to Conquer Your To Do List Before it Conquers You! [EP:014]

Jun 16, 2022

Is your to-do list out of control? Do you struggle with trying to check everything off of it? Do want to get things done but don't feel like you are making much progress?  If you want to know the secrets to conquering your to-do list so it doesn't conquer you...this conversation is for you!  


As busy Christian women leaders, we often are trying to manage ALL of the things and get it ALL done and yet as hard as we work, we still feel like we are falling short.   

  • What if you knew exactly what to do? 
  • What if you had space and time to step in the gap to help serve others?
  • What if you could celebrate what you accomplished rather than regretting that you didn't do it all? 
  • What if you actually aren't supposed to do it all in the first place?  


Your to-do list is not the boss of you! So let's chat about how you can conquer it before it conquers you!!!  


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