4 Common Mistakes When Making Margin [EP:008]

May 05, 2022

Do you feel like you’ve tried to make margin but nothing seems to work? Are you getting frustrated and want to throw in the towel? Before you think that healthy rhythms and boundaries are simply not possible for you, let me share with you 4 common mistakes that people make when it comes to creating the space they need. 


Common Mistakes We Make


1. You aren't sure what you want.

Are you clear on the margin you need to make? Do you know what it would look like? Do you have a plan. The more specific you get the more progress you'll make!


2. You are trying to do it all.

Doing a few thing well will help you make the most progress. Resist the temptation to change everything at once. What will help you make the most progress? What will be the most helpful? What would make everything else easier? Start there.


3. You give up too soon.

Let's face it, we usually expect instant results. But here's the reality...this is a life-long journey. You don't...

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