3 Life-Giving Decisions I Made During a Difficult Summer [EP:019]

Aug 18, 2022

Summer is my favorite season but this summer has been hard. When things became overwhelming, I made 3 life-giving decisions that have made all the difference in the world.


My 3 Decisions

  • I deleted all news apps on my phone. There is something to be said about being informed about what is happening in our world and in our communities, but watching and reading the news was not helping me be the best version of myself. I wasn't more loving. I wasn't more empathetic. The constant bombardment of watching people tear each other down while not making any strides to actually solve any issues was too much, so I quit and it has been life-giving!


  • I stopped my morning bible and prayer routine. Ok, before you think I've lost it completely, let me tell you what I started doing. My husband and I started having coffee outside in the mornings. We also go for a morning walk. And I have been using the 30 Days to Resilient feature on the Pause App put together by John Eldredge and...
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