Margin for the Unexpected [EP:015]

Jul 14, 2022

What do you do when the unexpected happens and you know you are beyond your emotional and physical capacity to get things done? Do you insist that you press on because that's what committed leaders do? Or do you rearrange things in order to create the space you need?


Most of us hesitate to create margin when the unexpected happens. We want to follow through with our obligations, serve people well, and be a person of our word. But most of the motivation to continue comes from guilt when we need time and margin for the unexpected.


In this episode of the podcast, I share lessons that I have learned over the last few weeks as I have been dealing with hurt and grief in the unexpected.


Things I Learned

  • Have some a re-entry plan as you get back into your work after spending time away.
  • Pay attention to the leading of the Holy Spirit and FOLLOW His promptings to create space when unexpected hard things happen...even if it means telling someone that you can't do...
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Planning Margin and Rhythms for the Summer [EP:012]

Jun 02, 2022

If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail. 

                                     -Benjamin Franklin


If you're like me, you have a vision of what you want this summer. But here's what ends up happening...time goes by. Before you know it, the summer is over and there is so much that never happened.


Planning helps you be thoughtful and intentional about the time ahead. Planning takes your vision from an idea to reality. 

Here's How You Can Plan for the Season Ahead

Set aside 30 minutes to spend time with God. Put this commitment on your calendar and keep it as you would any other appointment.


Questions to Ask as You Plan Your Summer

  • God, what is your vision for me over these next few months?
  • What do you envision for my life, my family, my leadership? This can include things like your relationship with Him, your physical health, mental health, emotional...
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The Margin Maker Framework [EP:003]

Mar 31, 2022

How can you actually make margin in your life and leadership? What’s the actual process? How do you figure out what you need and what should you do once you have the vision? In this episode I share with you the margin maker framework to take the guesswork out of it.


The Margin Maker Framework

Caring for your SOUL: Ruth Haley Barton describes the soul as the truest part of you. Your relationship with God, your understanding of your whole self, and focusing on who you are becoming are all aspects of the soul and help you define your priorities. 


Reconnecting with your CALLING: Your God-given passions and desires help shape the role you play in the body of Christ. Reconnecting to the call God has placed on your life helps you rediscover your priorities.


Shifting your MINDSET: We make decisions based on what we believe. Oftentimes we are stuck because of fears, lies, and limiting beliefs. When we go beneath the surface we can see that there are...

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5 Guiding Principles to Making Margin [EP:002]

Mar 24, 2022

Robert Swenson defines margin as, "the space between our load and our limits." The problem is...we are constantly pushing our limits and it eventually takes a toll on our soul, our family, and the people and places we lead.


5 Guiding Principles to Making Margin

  • You are loved by God without limits or conditions (not based on what you do).
  • Jesus came so that you can have life and life to the fullest (you are not the exception).
  • You were made for margin.
  • Who you are becoming matters more than what you are doing.
  • The degree of your intentionality and how purposeful you are in your decision-making will determine the degree of margin you will have.


More Things We Covered

  • The epidemic of busyness.
  • The role of the pandemic.
  • What we have in common with rubber bands.
  • The margin in the life of Jesus

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Welcome to the Margin Maker Podcast [EP:001]

Mar 17, 2022

Welcome to the first episode of the Margin Maker podcast!

The intention of these first few episodes is to give you a vision for what you can expect on this journey. If you like what you hear, make sure to subscribe to the podcast so you will get notified each time a new episode goes live.

Who is this show for and what is it designed to do?

This show is specifically designed to help Christian women leaders slow down the pace and create healthy boundaries so that you can have time for what matters most in both your personal life and your leadership. The fact is many of us don’t think much about making margin until we start to feel like things are going off the rails a bit. And thankfully God gives us plenty of warning signs that we are extending ourselves beyond our limits and not living and leading as the women He has created us to be. 

Red Flags That You Need Margin

  • You are worn out from trying to do it all. 
  • You feel the fatigue of the relentless pace.
  • You find...
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4 Mistakes Ministry Leaders Make When Creating Margin [EP:106]

Aug 26, 2021

"Margin is the space between our load and our limits." -Dr. Swenson


We all need margin. We were built for it. We need margin from things like being in change, constant activity, overwork, noise, running around, the news, and social media.

We also need margin set aside for things like rest, relationships, play, silence, God, eating uninterrupted, processing our feelings, and moving our bodies.

We want margin but sometimes we struggle to make it a reality in life and ministry. Here are some reasons why.

4 Mistakes Ministry Leaders Make When Creating Margin 


They don’t have a vision. They know they can’t keep doing it the same way but they don’t know what they want and if you don’t know the target, you’ll miss it every time.  


They rarely evaluate. They rarely reflect and see if they are living into that vision. Did they honor the commitments they made to the things that mattered most? Did They spend their time the way...

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Plan Time Off (and What Can Happen When You Don't) [EP:095]

May 20, 2021

Planning time that hard for you? Is it hard for you to intentionally take chunks of time and set them aside, designating them as time to step away and not be in charge? Is it hard for many people, including for me!


Most of us have a hard time being intentional about looking at the months ahead and carving out space to step away. We'd rather get to a season when there is a lull...things slow down and there is calm after the storm. We wait until everything is checked off the list and taken care of...and THEN, then we'll decide to take time off. The problem is, that time rarely comes! There is always something. The only way that most of us will have time off is if we plan it in advance.

Have you planned your time off? Do you have time set aside that will look different from the regular pace of life and ministry? Now's the time. Decide when you will have time off. Mark it off on your calendar now. Even if it is two days here, three days there...whatever works for you,...

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How to Build Your Capacity in Ministry [EP:87]

Mar 25, 2021

Do you have space between your load and your limits? Do you wish you had a way to increase your capacity in ministry? There is a way to do just that, but I've got to warn you, it's counterintuitive.


Make Margin


Margin builds capacity. The more margin we have the better we are as leaders, spouses, parents, friends, and neighbors. We become wiser in our decision-making.

Making margin is one of the most powerful and courageous things we can do to thrive in life and ministry.

Join the waitlist for our new Margin Maker workshop. It will give you the strategies you need to get the margin you want!


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Why Space and Margin are Essential to Living and Leading Well

Nov 13, 2020

Do you have space and margin built into your every day? Most of us don't. We believe that if we create space and margin, we will miss out on the opportunity to do or produce something valuable. We feel guilty if we have unscheduled time and we violate the God-given rhythm of space and margin in the name of doing something great for God.

Here's the thing:

Space and margin are essential for your life and leadership. 

In this episode, Jen dives deeper into the reasons we refuse to create space and what happens when we finally do. She also gives a pro tip on how to create this buffer within your day-to-day.

More from the Episode:

God works in open spaces. He speaks, gives us ideas, sets up divine appointments and opportunities, and expands our vision.

Space and margin doesn't just happen. It starts with you. It's a decision that you make and a discipline you integrate. 

Creating space and margin is dependent on the mindset that says:

  • I am valued by God regardless of what I do...
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You Can't Do it All...Now What?

Oct 22, 2020

There are unlimited people and things that compete for your limited time, energy, and resources. You try and do it all. You want to be helpful. You want your life to be impactful and significant. So you try really, really hard to do it all. And maybe you even can for awhile.

But eventually, you just can't keep it up. Many women will resign themselves to the lie that if you can't do it all you just don't have what it takes. It keeps them stuck in the dysfunction rather than living and leading in the freedom of God's truth.

In this episode, Jen talks about the importance of mindset, breaks down this lie that is holding you back, and gives tips on what to do next.

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