Becoming the Adult Over Your Life [EP:018]

Aug 11, 2022

Setting boundaries inevitably involves taking responsibility for your choices. You are the one who makes them. You are the one who must live with their consequences. And you are the one who may be keeping yourself from making the choices you could be happy with. We must own our own thoughts and clarify distorted thinking.        -Henry Cloud


Many of us wonder how we ended up where we are far away from the person we were created to be. It's because we are caught up in The Drift.


We have one life to live and we don't want to leave anything to chance. Boundaries are key to keeping us on track. That means that we need to grow in spiritual and emotionally maturity and exercise the authority Jesus gave us over our life and leadership. In other words, we need to become the adult. We need to take responsibility for our own choices.


And yet, many of us are at the whim of the waters, being tossed back and forth by everyone else's opinion...

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How to Conquer Your To Do List Before it Conquers You! [EP:014]

Jun 16, 2022

Is your to-do list out of control? Do you struggle with trying to check everything off of it? Do want to get things done but don't feel like you are making much progress?  If you want to know the secrets to conquering your to-do list so it doesn't conquer you...this conversation is for you!  


As busy Christian women leaders, we often are trying to manage ALL of the things and get it ALL done and yet as hard as we work, we still feel like we are falling short.   

  • What if you knew exactly what to do? 
  • What if you had space and time to step in the gap to help serve others?
  • What if you could celebrate what you accomplished rather than regretting that you didn't do it all? 
  • What if you actually aren't supposed to do it all in the first place?  


Your to-do list is not the boss of you! So let's chat about how you can conquer it before it conquers you!!!  


Shape the Margin Maker Conversations

If there...

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Quitting Good For Great [EP:120] The Final Series

Jan 13, 2022

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying that the good can become the enemy of the best and I have found that to be true. Maybe you have too. I find it especially to be true as God is inviting me to something new.

Sometimes I find that in order for me to take a hold of something new, I need to let go of another thing. And that’s hard. I want to be able to do it all. But I have learned over the years that when I try and do more I become less…

I become less like Jesus…less patient, less wise, less compassionate, less loving. I spend less time with God and more time doing. I become less effective and more stressed and strained by the demands and expectations.  


Sometimes we have to choose to stop the good so we can take hold of what is better.


This is where I find myself today.


In this episode I share with you a decision I've made to give up what's good and it impacts you, the listeners of the Women in Ministry United...

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You Can't Do it All...Now What?

Oct 22, 2020

There are unlimited people and things that compete for your limited time, energy, and resources. You try and do it all. You want to be helpful. You want your life to be impactful and significant. So you try really, really hard to do it all. And maybe you even can for awhile.

But eventually, you just can't keep it up. Many women will resign themselves to the lie that if you can't do it all you just don't have what it takes. It keeps them stuck in the dysfunction rather than living and leading in the freedom of God's truth.

In this episode, Jen talks about the importance of mindset, breaks down this lie that is holding you back, and gives tips on what to do next.

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How to Create a Rhythm of Reflection Through a Weekly Review

Dec 19, 2019

Are you a person that makes new year's resolutions? Do you vow to undertake a new hobby or create a different habit? Maybe the end of the year is an opportunity for you to decide what you will NOT do in the year to come. Whether or not you announce your intentions as the confetti flies and the champagne flows, my guess is that you do have intentions for the year to come. There are things you want to do differently, and the start of a new year is a wonderful time to get focused on your priorities.

You probably also know that most of us give up on our new year's resolutions by the end of January and go back to the familiar patterns of the past. Change not only takes time but requires tons of intentionality. But soon our resolve dissipates as the daily grind takes over. Days blur into weeks, weeks into months and before we know it another year has gone by. It happens to many of us. 

What if I told you that you could establish a rhythm of reflection and review that would help you...

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One Secret to Help You Navigate Your Busy Life

Dec 05, 2019

You promise to get to something when things slow down. Maybe it’s the desire to spend more time with God or with your spouse. Perhaps it’s to visit a friend or family member. Maybe you want to work out more consistently or serve your community. All good things, but they simply won’t fit into your schedule. You’ll get to them when the pace slows down.

Except the pace never slows down. It is out of control.

I know there are seasons when it is necessary… for a time…to go fast and furious. The problem is we have created a life that requires us to constantly engage mentally and expend all of our energy. The season of busyness never ends and your soul is feeling the weight of it. And here we are, in the midst of one of the busiest seasons in life and ministry. How will you make sure to catch your breath and regroup before jumping into the next thing? Here is one secret to help you create a healthy rhythm.

Have A Re-Entry Play

My friend Patti first...

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