Margin for the Unexpected [EP:015]

Jul 14, 2022

What do you do when the unexpected happens and you know you are beyond your emotional and physical capacity to get things done? Do you insist that you press on because that's what committed leaders do? Or do you rearrange things in order to create the space you need?


Most of us hesitate to create margin when the unexpected happens. We want to follow through with our obligations, serve people well, and be a person of our word. But most of the motivation to continue comes from guilt when we need time and margin for the unexpected.


In this episode of the podcast, I share lessons that I have learned over the last few weeks as I have been dealing with hurt and grief in the unexpected.


Things I Learned

  • Have some a re-entry plan as you get back into your work after spending time away.
  • Pay attention to the leading of the Holy Spirit and FOLLOW His promptings to create space when unexpected hard things happen...even if it means telling someone that you can't do...
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