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Take What You're Teaching and Deliver it to More People

Digital Marketing, Launch Strategy and Behind the Scenes Support to Help Coaches and Business Owners Grow Their Impact and Income

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You have a business and you are working with clients...

 And now you are ready to take what you are teaching and deliver it to more people in less time. You know that growing and scaling your business will allow you to impact a greater number of people AND increase your income. Plus it will create the space you want to have time to pursue other business opportunities and be with family and friends.

The Truth Is...

  • People have told you they want to learn from you, but you can’t take on one more client or speak at one more event because you have no more room in your schedule.
  • You love what you do but you can’t grow and scale your business the way it is currently structured.
  • You don't have time to build a course or membership, create sales pages, formulate your offer, manage a launch and decide how to position your new digital content so it fits within your entire business ecosystem. (And your eyes are glazing over just thinking about it!)
  • You know you can be successful if someone would just help you create a plan and make all the pieces work.
  • You would LOVE to have someone who has had the experience of being a coach or course creator and can provide you with strategy and support.

Imagine if...

  • You had clarity on how all of the pieces of your business will fit together.
  • You had freedom to focus on what you love to do...coaching and working with your clients.
  • You had the capacity to deliver your content to more people...growing your business and your bank account. 
  • You had peace of mind knowing that someone was behind the scenes, doing the heavy lifting to build your content platform and launch it. 
  • You had time to pursue other opportunities and be with the people who matter most.

What if there was someone who could combine strategy with tech so your business runs smoothly and you can focus on doing what you love? 

Hi, I'm Jen Howat!

Digital Content Strategist and Kajabi Specialist


I love the power of coaching because I know it changes lives.


In fact, I used to run my own coaching business and I learned things to build and launch memberships and courses, how to craft an irresistible offer, and how to create multiple streams of revenue...along with tools and tech like Kajabi to make it happen!


Throughout my own journey, I discovered how much I love working behind the scenes, putting all the pieces together. And I know what it's like to feel like you've had a weight lifted off your shoulders because you know your priorities and have all your business assets simplified and working together.


That's why I am now supporting coaches and business owners like you to build and launch your digital content so you can impact more people!


You don't have to keep struggling and trying to figure this out all by yourself. I can help! And we will get more done together than you could ever accomplish on your own.


Let's get started

Strategy Session

Having time to process how to leverage your content and reach more people is critical. Whether you need help seeing how all the pieces fit into your business ecosystem or you need a launch and marketing plan for your own team to execute...a strategy session is a valuable investment to take your business to the next level!

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Kajabi Audit 

Have you already built and launched your course or membership with Kajabi but you're disappointed with the results? Let's go behind the scenes and look at your product, automations, email marketing and sales pages along with your full business ecosystem to see where we can optimize for better results!

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Customized Packages

Does the thought of finding the time to figure out a new software and build everything for your course and membership make your head spin? Do you just want to share your expertise and have someone else behind the scenes write the sale pages, form the offer, create the digital assets and help you launch? Let's connect!

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You can either continue to try and do it all yourself or you can partner with a strategist to create a pathway forward and do the work behind the scenes. 


Where do you want to be in 3 months? Do you want to be in the same place as you are today?

Do you want your business to stall? Do you want to miss out on taking advantage of new opportunities?  

What is at stake if you don't do this now? What will it cost you in time, energy, and money?


You can impact more people by offering your content on a digital platform! 

You can flourish as a business owner, serving your people and doing what you know you are made to do! All you need is the right person to guide and support you along the way! 


So let's map out the steps to get you where you want to you less stress, more time, and a steady stream of new clients!

There is no better time to get started. Are you ready?


Create the Ultimate Onboarding Experience!

Your onboarding process for new members and students is one of the most vital AND overlooked pieces of your client's journey.


Don't let that be the case with your community!

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