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A Behind the Scenes look at building, launching, and marketing your course or membership

In this podcast, I share insights and strategies to help you take what you're teaching and convert it to a digital product or service. Plus we'll have candid conversations around life as entrepreneurs.


My name is Jen Howat. I'm not just your host, I'm a fellow entrepreneur and I know what it's like to run your business and work hard to expand your reach. 


I also know how important it is to connect with others. Sometimes it's hard to find people who understand the challenges we are facing as we try to scale and grow. My hope is that this podcast is not only a good source of information but that it will become for us a source of community! 


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Overcoming Overwhelm as an Entrepreneur

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Create the Ultimate Onboarding Experience!

Your onboarding process for new members and students is one of the most vital AND overlooked pieces of your client's journey.


Don't let that be the case with your community!

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