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Break Free From Overwhelm and Love Your Business Again

Digital Marketing and Content Strategy to Help Coaches and Online Course Creators Grow and Scale Their Business


You are overwhelmed.

You've been busy coaching your clients and creating content. You haven't had the time (or desire) to learn how to make all the pieces of your business work together and communicate what you're offering with clarity and ease. You don't have a plan for how to nurture your audience so they are ready to join your programs. And you have no idea how to make your tech communicate and work for you! 

You know you want to scale your business and automate your funnel so you can sell your programs, impact your clients, and grow your income with recurring revenue...but you only have so much time to build the missing pieces of your business and keep things running smoothly. 

You are stuck.

And you're frustrated because:

  • You are a caring, giving person, but the strategy, tech, and tools make you want to bang your head against the wall.
  • You know you can be successful...if someone would just help you create a plan and make all the pieces work.
  • You have great content but you need help developing the right systems and practices to help people get to know, like, and trust you so they will work with you.
  • You want someone who has had the experience of being a coach or course creator and can provide you with strategy, but you just haven't found the right person. 
  • You are drowning in all there is to do. It's even keeping you from spending time with your family and friends.

Imagine if...

  • You had space to exhale. 
  • You had freedom to focus on what you love to do in your business...coaching and teaching your clients.
  • You had the capacity to make a bigger impact...growing your business and your bank account. 
  • You had peace of mind knowing that someone was behind the scenes, doing the heavy lifting to give you the business you always wanted. 
  • You had time to spend with your family and friends.

What if there was someone who could combine strategy with tool and tech so your business runs smoothly and you can focus on doing what you love? 

Hi, I'm Jen Howat!

Digital Marketer, Content Strategist, and Kajabi Specialist


I love the power of coaching because I know it changes lives.


In fact, I used to run my own coaching business and I learned things like...memberships (TRIBE), Kajabi, how to craft an irresistible offer, (Offer Cure), how to launch a product or service, how to nurture your audience through email, and how to create multiple streams of revenue...along with tools and tech to make it happen!


Throughout my own journey, I discovered how much I love working behind the scenes, putting all the pieces together. And I know what it's like to feel like you've had a weight lifted off your shoulders because you know your priorities and have all your business assets simplified and working together. That's why I am now supporting coaches and course creators like you with digital marketing and content strategies so there's nothing holding you back.


You don't have to keep struggling and trying to figure this out all by yourself. I can help! And we will get more done together than you could ever accomplish on your own.


How does this work?  

Let's Talk Details

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We will connect via Zoom for a 30 minute discovery call so I can hear about the vision for your business and make sure we are a good fit to work together. 


Pick Your Services

After hearing about your business needs, I'll put together a customized package that aligns with your vision and will help you reach your goals. Review the proposal and ask any questions. Then we'll get started with a kick-off call and map our steps! 

Step three 

Weekly Progress Reports

Each week we I'll let you know exactly where we are in the process with tasks and projects. We'll get your checklist finished and make sure you have the ongoing support you need for your business.

Jen is fabulous! She's thorough, honest, and patient. She breaks things down, explaining the process step by step, and takes the time needed to be sure everyone is on the same page. I appreciate the work she's put into my business.


I'm ready to get started

Schedule a call

You can continue to try and do it all yourself


You can partner with a strategist to create a clear pathway and help you do more in less time. 


Where do you want to be in 3 months? Do you want to be in the same place as you are today? Do you want to feel the same level of fatigue or have the same feeling of overwhelm? Do you want to keep trying to manage it all? 

What is at stake if you don't do this now? What will it cost you in time, energy, and money?


You can have the business that you've always wanted! 

You can flourish as a business owner, serving your people and doing what you know you are made to do! All you need is the right person to guide and support you along the way! 


So let's map out the steps to get you where you want to you less stress, more time, and a steady stream of new clients!

There is no better time to get started. Are you ready?