Setting Priorities and Overcoming Overwhelm as an Entrepreneur

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The key to overcoming overwhelm is to live and lead within our limitations and capacity. Limitations aren't a bad thing, they are a human thing! Instead of trying to squeeze more out of our day we need to establish healthy rhythms and set boundaries around our priorities in both our personal and professional life.


A priority is something that holds the utmost importance. The problem is that we try and treat everything with the same level of importance. But everything can't be a priority. Great leaders know what is most important and put their time and energy into those things. 


It's never been about having enough time. It's always been about how we choose to spend the time we have.


In this episode of the podcast, we talk about how to perform a 'brain dump' to visualize all of our responsibilities so we can literally see our commitments. (Whew, no wonder we are feeling overwhelmed!) Then we identify 3 to 5 main priorities for the next three months, evaluate how we are spending the majority of our time, and adjust according.


This as an ongoing process, but as you put it into practice, it will lead to greater momentum, productivity, freedom, and peace.


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