Shifting Your Entrepreneurial Mindset to Overcome Overwhelm

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Are you an entrepreneur who is dealing with feelings of overwhelm? Do you find yourself stuck in a perpetual cycle of busyness? Many of us lack healthy rhythms and boundaries and we find it difficult to live and lead within our human limitations.


Why is this so common?


You make decisions based on what you believe.


And the problem is that many of us have faulty thinking that needs to be rewired. Don't believe me? What comes flooding into your mind when you try to say no to a request, stay committed to a priority, or set an end time to your day? My guess is that any time you try to set priorities and keep them, your mind is bombarded with fears, lies, and limiting beliefs.


In this episode, we have a candid conversation about the role of mindset in overcoming overwhelm. We also touch on the common fears and lies entrepreneurs believe as well as ways to overcome these false mantras by incorporating truths.


Before we are able to establish our priorities and set boundaries, we need to learn to examine our beliefs and rewire our thinking.


Questions to Consider

  • What are some common fears, lies, and/or limiting beliefs that you hear in your mind as you try to regain control over your tasks and your time?
  • What is actually the truth?

Pay attention to what is running through your mind and replace it with truth. Strengthening your mindset muscle will help you as you discover and commit to what matters most!



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