The Entrepreneurial's Guide to Communicating Your Priorities

boundaries communication priorities

If you want something different, you are going to have to do something different.

When you create healthy rhythms and boundaries in your life and business, that means you'll be doing things differently! And as you take ownership of how you choose to spend your time and make adjustments to your behavioral patterns, your decisions will impact other people. The key is to communicate with your people so they can know what to expect or what not to expect. This isn't about getting someone's permission or convincing them that you're making the right decisions. This is simply about creating clarity because clarity often eases anxiety.


Things to Remember

  • Schedule your conversation. Time won't just suddenly appear.
  • Get your mind right! Remind yourself who you want to become, what's most important, and what you what to be true of you and your business.
  • Consider who you are going to talk with and tailor the conversation with them in mind.
  • Anticipate a question or two that may be asked of you.
  • Be fully attentive.
  • Communicate with your words AND your actions.
  • Honor the commitment you've made to yourself and your business.


You do not live or lead in a vacuum. Your life is woven together with others and it is important to communicate clearly as you begin to integrate new rhythms and establish your priorities.


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